New Generation PVC-O Pipes
PVC-0, regeneration of high pressure pipe

Molecular Orientation, a revolution in PVC

TOM® PVC-O pipes are the most advanced pipes for the conveyance of high-pressure water currently available on the market, with a number of exceptional features for this kind of application, thanks to the process of Molecular Orientation.

PVC is essentially an amorphous polymer in which the molecules are located randomly. However, under certain conditions of pressure, temperature and speed, by stretching the material, it is possible to orient the polymer molecules in the same direction as which the material has been stretched. Depending on the process parameters used and mostly stretch ratio, a higher or lower orientation degree will be obtained. The result is a plastic with a layered structure which layers can be seen at a glance.

The Molecular Orientation process modifies the PVC’s structure by giving the polymer’s molecules a linear orientation.

When PVC with its amorphous structure (lower section) is subjected to the orientation process, a laminate structure is obtained (upper section)
TOM® pipes
Manufacturing process developed by Molecor© uses most advanced technologies and it is completely automatized. This gives TOM® pipes maximum guarantee and quality.
A plastic with unbeatable properties

The process of Molecular Orientation greatly enhances PVC’s physical and mechanical properties and gives it a number of exceptional features, without altering the advantages and properties of the original polymer. Thereby it is obtained a plastic with unbeatable qualites in terms of resistance to traction and fatigue, flexibility and impact resistance.
When used in high-pressure water pipelines this type of piping has a high resistance and an extremely long lifetime. Moreover, the pipe is highly energy-efficient and eco-friendly not only for the way it is made but also because of its subsequent use. Other advantages include reductions in costs and installation times.

For all these reasons, TOM® PVC-O pipes are the best solution for medium and high pressure water networks for irrigation systems, potable water supply, fire extinguishing networks and pumping systems, among other applications.

Cutting-edge technology for water

TOM® PVC-O pipes have been developed by MOLECOR©, the only company in the world conceived and dedicated entrely to researching and manufacturing PVC-O pipes.
Our manufacturing process is absolutely innovative and uses the most advanced and most reliable technologies currently available.

Up until now, although PVC-O pipes are recognized as providing the highest specifications, the technical limitations of the diferent manufacturing processes and the shortcomings of those processes in terms of efficiency were a barrier to the extensive use of this kind of pipes.

The technology developed by MOLECOR© means that these limitations have now been overcome and it has also helped to make considerable improvements in TOM® pipes.

Molecular Orientation is achieved by applying the precise and homogenous distribution of temperature and high pressures (up to 35 bars) thanks to quality control checks carried out on each individual pipe and throughout the entre manufacturing process.
The TOM® pipes manufacturing process is continuous and fullyautomated (as opposed to the traditional discontinuous method), providing greater control over the end product and ensuring the uniform quality of each pipe.

Maximum Reliability and Security

Thanks to the extraordinary technical advances of MOLECOR’s manufacturing system, TOM® pipes offer the maximum reliability and security, as well as other attractive advantages over other products:
• Maximum Molecular Orientation: Class 500, according to the ISO 16422:2014 and EN 17176-2 Standards, the highest orientation degree offering the best mechanical properties.
• Greater reliability of the end product.
• Strict dimensional tolerances.
• Homogeneous behavior of the materials used.

• Reinforced socket, shaped during the orientation process.

Know How

The effort of the company in R&D as well as its exclusive dedication to PVC-O, have made the company fully acquainted of the sector thus being able to provide support in all phases of the manufacturing and installation processes of the product.
360° support:

  • Certification & Standardization

  • Promotion & Sales

  •  On-line and off-line supporting tools

  • Full support during installation

  • Industrial support

Exclusive products

Thanks to its worldwide unique technology, Molecor has exclusive products available to the market. In its range of products, there are some outstanding diameters such as the DN500 mm, the DN630 mm, the DN710 mm or the DN800 mm PVC-O pipes; products that have been turning points in the sector since their manufacturing was unthinkable before the apparition of the Molecor technology.

PVC-O pipes of the maximum quality. Product guaranteed for 50 years.

TOM® PVC-O pipes manufactured by Molecor are a product guaranteed for 50 years thanks to its excellent physical-mechanical properties and its high durability.

The most eco-friendly pipes with the environment

The environmental impact of a piping system depends on its composition and application thereof, being the type of raw material used, the production process, the finished product and the pipe’s life expectancy, the main factors that determine the efficiency and sustainability throughout their life cycle.
TOM® PVC-O is the most environmentally friendly solution existing on the market, due to its best contribution to the correct sustainable development of the planet, as it has been demonstrated by different studies worldwide, since they present environmental benefits at all stages of their life cycle; thus resulting in the most efficient from the energy point of view.

Resources efficiency
The exceptional mechanical properties of these pipes allow considerable savings in raw materials. For the same external nominal diameter, TOM® requires less PVC.
Only 43% of the PVC composition depends on oil. Therefore, the required consumption of this resource is lower than in other plastic solutions.
Energy consumption is lower in all phases of the life cycle: raw material extraction, pipe manufacturing and use.
Throughout its lifetime, TOM® prevents unnecessary consumption of energy resources and reduces CO2 emissions into the atmosphere.
Assembly and PVC-O Compatibility (ecoFITTOM) with Fittings

TOM® pipes are easily assembled with leak-free socketed junctions. GEOFLOW continuously tests its GEOPVC® pipes with available fittings on the market.

TOM® pipes have the same diameter of all traditional fittings designed for plastics pipes (ductile iron and plastics) and are fully compatible with a wide range of fittings (restrained fittings, free fittings… )

They can be connected to hydrants either directly via gasketed push-fits or flange adaptor.

DN90 PN12,5 / PN16 / PN20 / PN25 6 69 16
DN110 PN12,5 / PN16 / PN20 / PN25 6 76 12
DN140 PN12,5 / PN16 / PN20 / PN25 6 39 12
DN160 PN12,5 / PN16 / PN20 / PN25 6 28 12
DN200 PN12,5 / PN16 / PN20 / PN25 6 18 12
DN225 PN12,5 / PN16 / PN20 / PN25 6 11 12
DN315 PN12,5 / PN16 / PN20 / PN25 6 13 8
DN355 PN12,5 / PN16 / PN20 / PN25 6 11 8
DN500 PN12,5 / PN16 / PN20 / PN25 6 4 8


Government Relations & Certificates: Official Certificates - Trademark Registration & ISO 16422

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