Why Geoflow - WASTEFLOW Sub Surface Drip Lines?


Geoflow – WASTEFLOW Sub Surface Drip lines are especially designed and produced for the reuse of treated sewage and unique in the industry. Drip line is produced with placing the emitters evenly within the pipe produced by extrusion of polyethylene (PE). Unlike classic drip lines, inner surface of the Geoflow – WASTEFLOW sub surface drip lines are coated with Geoshield , which is turquoise colored, very slippery and prevents the bacteria found in sewage from sticking to the inner surface and forming a biofilm by breeding. The emmitters in the drip line are produced with patented Nano _ROOTGUARD technology which prevents the roots from clogging the emitters by intrusion and have special filters which can auto clean themselves. 

Fields of Use of Geoflow — WASTEFLOW Sub Surface Drip Lines

Geoflow – WASTEFLOW sub surface drip lines can be used in :
Agricultural and landscape irrigation,
Diffusion of treated sewage by discharging to the soil. 

Sub Surface
Drip Irrigation

On Surface
Drip Irrigation



Irrigation With Recycled Water

Biologically treated water obtained from the waste water treatment units is used as irrigation water. Geoflow – WASTEFLOW sub surface drip lines are embedded 10 to 75 cm below the surface according to root depth of the plant, soil structure and purpose of the application. (10-20 cm for lawn). The water coming from the emitters of the embedded drip line spreads around the root of the plant by moving within the capillary ways of the soil. This way 46% more area is irrigated with the same amount of water in comparison with the on surface drip irrigation.
With Geoflow — WASTEFLOW sub surface drip lines, by using treated water, ideal irrigation solutions are provided with odorless and dry surface for residential estates, hotels, landscapes of industrial plants and zones, parks and gardens, play grounds, green fields surrounding the treatment units for domestic and urban sewage and every kind of agricultural irrigation. The system is designed by Geoflow and run by an automated control unit which every component is connected.

With the projects which Geoflow – WASTEFLOW drip lines are used:

As the residual bacteria in the treated water are disposed naturally by the microorganisms at the 0-30 cm deep under the surface of soil, where it is biologically active, the soil will not be polluted.

An alternative method of disposal will be created where there is no sewer system.

With the little amount of azote and phosphor within the treated water a natural fertilization is applied.

As the irrigation with treated water is made under the surface with control, it is 100% harmless to the human health and environment friendly.

With the dry and odorless surface, parks and landscapes can easily be used during the irrigation.

Reduces the cost of irrigation water to the minimum.

An automated irrigation can be made

Unlike on surface drip lines, they can be used for 10 years without replacing

A healthy and high quality plant growth is provided.

Less weeding is provided with dry surface.

 The soil is aired better.

High level water
saving is provided.

It is a long life irrigation system.

The lines are not affected by the harms caused by pests, birds or human.

There is no need to collect the lines at the end of every irrigation season.

Maintenance costs are at the lowest level.

A healthy irrigation can be made at the areas where water table is high.

Disposal of Treated Sewage

Geoflow-WASTEFLOW sub surface drip lines are also used for natural disposal of treated water by discharging to the soil. In that case the drip line is put 15-20 cm below the surface. The hoarded water in the treated water tank of the treatment units is disposed slowly and programmatically by discharging to the soil through the drip lines. The residue in the treated water, at the amount accepted by the regulations, is naturally disposed in the soil. The dispose of treated water by Geoflow-WASTEFLOW sub surface drip irrigation systems are the least risky for the pollution of underground water and an environment friendly system. In long term its cost is less than cesspit. The application is designed by Geoflow.
The system can confidently be used;
• At every climate and weather conditions,
• Almost at every soil structure,
• At the slopes up to 65%,
• At the areas with high water table. 

Typical treated water discharge system with WASTEFLOW

Treated water discharge area with 65% slope

As the treated water discharge is done under automation control, the system can successfully work even at the rainy weather. An odorless and dry surface is provided without any leaks or ponding. It can be used as environment friendly, fully functionally and with high performance, especially at the residential areas by the sea or lake side, hotels, rural towns or villages, industrial plants, airports, where there is no sewer system and at the shopping malls and industrial zones.

Geoflow - WASTEFLOW Sub Surface Drip Lines

Geoflow – WASTEFLOW sub surface drip lines are produced under the license of GEOFLOW Inc.,with patented Nano-ROOTGUARD® technology. The inner surface of the drip lines are coated with Geoshield™ which is an anti-bacterial material

The lines are produced with 16 mm. diameter, 2 and 4 l/h flow rate and 15, 30 and 60 cm emitter spacing. The emitters can be regular or pressure regulated and guaranteed for 10 years against clogging by the roots. The drip lines are packed as 150 meters long coils

Our products against root occlusion, both our company and the patent holder USA GEOFLOW A.Ş. is under the 10-year warranty of the company.

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